Q- How many people does your ballroom hold?
A-Depends on each ballroom, 175 people and up.


Q-How much is the deposit?
A-1/2 down on the price of the room.


Q-When is the balance due?
A-6 months prior to event.


Q-What if we cancel after we make our deposit?
A-We hold your deposit for up to 2 years, to use as you like.


Q-How early/late do we have the room the day of event?
A-6:30 am to midnight, out by 1:00 am


Q-May we come in the day before to decorate?
A-Usually, by 1:00 pm, day before, unless room is booked.


Q-May we have the ceremony in the rented room, or do you have a separate area?
A-Both, call for more info.


Q-Do you have dressing rooms available?


Q-May we bring our own alcohol or bartenders in?


Q-May we bring in our own food?
A-No, we have our own in-house catering company, call for more information.


Q-Do you have a caterer?
A-Yes, CCC Catering