7 Ideas for Decorating Your Office Space

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7 Ideas for Decorating Your Office Space

Whether you commute to a corporate headquarters, work at home from your couch, or even have your own private office space, it’s always fun and inspiring to decorate your workplace. When we think about our offices, most people envision them as bland rooms filled with cubicles and desks. If you want to add some life and style to your workspace, however, here are seven tips to help you inject some personalization into your office decor.

1. Add Color

Adding color to your work space can instantly brighten up the room and provide inspiration. You can even use different colors to represent each department within your organization. For example, you could paint one wall red for marketing, another blue for sales, and green for IT. This way, everyone knows where to go to find what they need. Of course, you could go with neutral colors that everyone enjoys, bright colors to help lift the mood, or whatever your favorite color scheme happens to be!

2. Create A Mood Board

A mood board is essentially a collage of images that represents how you want your environment to look. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspirational photos and graphics that you can use to set your mood board. Once you’ve found a few favorite photos, print out copies and tape them to the walls around your desk. Then, every time you sit down to work, you can take a peek at your mood board and see what inspires you. This type of bulletin board is a super easy way to add a personal touch to your office wall decor.

3. Use Plants

Plants are good for both your physical health and mental well-being. They purify the air and reduce stress levels, while adding natural beauty and texture to your personal space. Plus, plants are easy to care for and require very little maintenance. You can easily grow your own indoor plants in containers or buy potted plants online. Just remember to water them regularly and keep them away from direct sunlight for a great way to create a more inviting space.

4. Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork on the walls of your office gives off an inviting vibe. It also provides visual stimulation and helps break up the monotony of plain white office walls. If you’re looking for something unique to hang, try creating your own art by printing out pictures from magazines and cutting them out. You can then frame these pieces and display them on the walls. This is similar to the mood board above, but might be more traditional when we talk about decorating office spaces.

5. Incorporate Personal Items

If you have any mementos or family heirlooms lying around your house, consider incorporating them into your office setup. For instance, if you have old letters or photographs framed, put them on the walls. Or, if you have a picture of yourself when you were younger, place it above your computer monitor so you’ll be reminded of who you used to be. Key pieces like this help to make your work environment a more comfortable space.

6. Play Music

If you enjoy listening to music while working, consider purchasing a pair of wireless headphones and placing them near your desk. These will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes without disturbing other office workers. While this may not be “decor” in the traditional sense, it certainly adds to your overall office aesthetic.

7. Keep Your Desk Space Organized

Keep your desk space organized and clutter free. Having everything in its proper place makes it easier to get things done. Also, having a clean desk means fewer germs! To keep your desk neat, make sure all papers are filed properly and that there aren’t piles of books or other items scattered across the surface. You don’t have to go for a full minimalist workspace, keeping the clutter on your desk space to a minimum, will help you keep a clutter free mind for a more enjoyable dedicated office space.

In Conclusion

What do you think? Do you decorate your office? What are some ways you like to personalize your work space? Of course, if you are looking for a new office to decorate, the Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, MI currently has available office space for rent right now. Call us at Phone: (517) 784-0059 to get started today!