14 Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Never Forget

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14 Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Never Forget

The best part about weddings is that there are no limits. You don’t have to follow any particular theme, style, or color scheme. If you want a traditional white wedding, go ahead. Or, if you want a black tie affair, you can do that too. You can even mix things up by incorporating elements of different styles into one big celebration. What about those times where you just aren’t quite sure what direction to take, though? Well, we’ve got you covered. Before you check with a wedding planner and purchase those wedding invitations, check out our list of 14 popular wedding theme ideas for your wedding ceremony that you and your guests will never forget.

1. Rustic Barn Wedding

Rustic wedding themes are hot right now and this is the ultimate DIY wedding. Create a beautiful farmhouse setting complete with hay bales, straw, and flowers. Add lanterns and candles for a romantic vibe. It’s a rustic wedding, with modern conveniences!

2. Beach Party Wedding

Whether you love the idea of throwing a tropical themed wedding or prefer to keep things simple and elegant, a beach party wedding is the way to go. Go with bright colors like pink and blue, or choose neutrals like gray and navy. If you really want to take it a step further, have a full on beach wedding!

3. Vintage Carriage Ride

If you are considering alternative wedding themes, then take a trip down memory lane with a vintage carriage ride. If you live in a location near water, this theme also works well with with boats. Keep the decorations simple with lots of greenery and roses.

4. Classic Country Wedding

Is an outdoor ceremony an option for you? Choose a rustic location surrounded by nature. Add plenty of twinkling lights, candles, and lanterns to set the mood. Keep everything simple with neutral tones, such as cream, taupe, and light brown. If you are unable to secure a rustic location near you, a backyard wedding with the same decor can bring the country vibe to wherever you are.

5. Modern Farmhouse Wedding

A farmhouse wedding is always a good choice. They offer a lot of charm and character without being too overbearing. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and brick to make the space feel warm and inviting.

6. Romantic Garden Wedding

When choosing a garden wedding theme, think about how much sunlight you have. If you live somewhere sunny, pick a theme that incorporates a lot of sunflowers, lilies, and daffodils. If you live somewhere cloudy, consider a winter wedding theme. Think snowflakes, trees, and wreaths for this wedding style.

7. Retro-Modern Wedding Theme

For a retro-modern wedding, stick with pastel colors and whites. Decorate in shades of pinks, blues, greens, and purples. Consider adding pops of red and orange.

8. White Wedding

It’s not hard to see why white weddings are so popular. This romantic wedding theme is clean, fresh, and they look great on everyone. Plus, they’re easy to decorate. Just add some greenery, candles, and flowers, while setting aside the bold colors.

9. Black Tie Affair

Fan of classic weddings? Black tie affairs are formal events that often include dinner, dancing, and drinks. They’re the perfect wedding theme for people who enjoy dressing up and having fun.

10. Sports Theme Wedding

Do you love sports? Then, why not incorporate them into your wedding? There are tons of options when it comes to sports themes. You could have a baseball game, football party, basketball tournament, or hockey event.

11. Destination Wedding

Why not plan a destination wedding? Not only will you be able to spend time together before your big day, but you’ll also have the chance to explore new places and do exciting activities while you’re there.

12. Fantasy Wedding

Who doesn’t want to throw a fantasy wedding? This theme lets you play around with whatever kind of magical wedding decor you can dream up.

13. Pirate Wedding

Are you up for a whimsical wedding idea? Pirates were known for being adventurous and free spirits. So, if you’re looking to host a pirate wedding, then you should definitely give it a try! Don’t forget the gold accents!

14. Costume Party Wedding

No matter what type of wedding you choose, chances are your guests will be dressed up in costume. Take it one step further and invite your guest to come dressed something funny, clever, creative, or fantastical. Of course, the bride and groom will be in costume, as well.

In Conclusion

The possibilities for creative wedding themes are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking for a wedding venue, look no further than the Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, MI. We even offer wedding planning services to help you plan your dream wedding; it’s one of the most memorable days of your life. Call us at (517) 784-0059 to get started today.